Shockwaves Ultimate Effects Matt Clay

My favourite hair product of all time is the Gatsby Grunge Mat Hair Wax. Pliable, matte with excellent hold.

Unfortunately it’s an Asia-exclusive line and it’s a pain having to order online. Thankfully I managed to find an equivalent at Boots last week!

The Shockwaves Ultimate Effects Matt Clay has the exact same matte finish and hold of the Gatsby Wax. The texture isn’t firm – it’s more like a thick cream. Much prefer that over ‘hard’ waxes because you don’t have to warm it up and it doesn’t create chunks/white bits in your hair if you don’t rub it in thoroughly.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a casual bed-head or something a bit more structured without having glossy hair. It looks natural.

Oh and it’s cheap, get it for £1.50 here.