Ryan Gosling's Clothes in Drive

Ryan Gosling's Clothes in Drive

Drive is a new heist film (out now!) starring Ryan Gosling as the lead, others in the film include Ron Perlman, Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks. Stong cast, good film – take a look at the trailer below, then we can talk clothes (which were very old-school 80s cool).


The White Jacket – Made by head costume designer Erin Benach, this retro/slouchy white satin jacket wasn’t intended for retail originally but you can now find an official licensed version here!

The jacket was inspired by the silk jackets you can buy in tourist traps in Asia – this particular one was modeled after one of Gosling’s own that he picked up in Korea.

If you’re impatient, you can find a good alternative in a Harrington Jacket. Baracuta does a classic Harrington in tonnes of colours (including white) – if you’re going a bit more modern, try this black one from Diesel.

You can also find a replica of the original jacket here but i’d wait for Erin Benach’s version.

Get the Look: Ryan Gosling in Drive

The Jeans – An easy one! Ryan Gosling wears tight indigo jeans from Acne in the movie.

The Denim Jacket – This was vintage Levis – I found a near-match on Oi Polloi or you can try Levi’s for an updated version.

The Undershirt – Gosling sported classic Henley undershirts during the film. Crisp, clean and casual – these are handy to have around. Gosling wore vintage Henley Shirts from Mister Freedom but you can also find similar shirts from J Crew (who now ship in the UK!) and Adam if you’re in the US.

The Watch – If you have a spare £40,000(ish) you can buy a Patek Philippe watch which is the same brand that made the custom designed watch Ryan Gosling wore in the movie.

The Shoes – Designed by Stacey Adams, the shoes were distressed for the film.

The clothes are awesome, right? It’s everything that was good about 80s fashion with a modern twist. Have you seen Drive yet?