Empire's Best Film of 2011 - Drive

Empire's Best Film of 2011 - Drive

Who doesn’t love a good, arbitrary end-of-year list? Here are the best ones I’ve come across so far and what we all really care about – who got the #1 slot in each!

Top Tracks of 2011 – Britney wins with ‘Til The World Ends’, world disagrees.

Top 10 Virals – Pepper spraying at UC Davis.

Best Selling Game – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Black Ops is in the top 10 too).

Worst Game – Step Up for WiiWare and Self-Defense Training Camp for Kinect. Both got a shocking 1.0 on IGN!

Most Pirated TV Show of 2011 – Dexter

Most Googled GaysTom Cruise Ricky Martin.

Biggest Scandal – The whole Penn State child abuse mess.

Best Celeb Scandal – Scarlett Johansson’s Titties! (link NSFW.)

Top Comebacks – Gabby Giffords (Jessica Simpson is on this list and I had no idea that she was back).

Best Selling Album/Single on iTunes – Adele/Adele

Best New TV Characters of 2011 – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Most Profitable Actor of 2011 – Kristen Stewart, For every $1 she’s paid, her films earn an average $55.83. Jeez!

Top 10 Pop Culture Books of 2011 – Bossypants by Tiny Fey (it’s aight).

Best Cover Song of 2011 – Finding Jupiter covers Britney Spears ‘Til The World Ends’ on a ukelele. (I think it sucks tbh.)

Top Films of 2011 – Drive

Have you read a good ‘of 2011′ list recently? Disagree with any of the above?